Since 1985

More than 30 years of service

SINCE 1985

With more than three decades of experience, CK Aeronautical Equipment has developed products on the highest quality standards, CK is a company of tradition and world class products.

CK Aeronautical Equipment

CK Aeronautical Equipment, began in the field of military aviation, taking its first step by manufacturing the Palloon Parachute to meet specialized requirements of the Chilean Air Force.

With the excellent results obtained in the initial products, the next step was the manufacturing of the personal parachute of Troops Launching, Cargo Launching, Drone System Recovery and others, all of which after being submitted to rigorous static, dynamic and operational analysis, by professionals of the Chilean Armed Forces, they obtained an extraordinarily successful result by fully complying with all the standards and technical requirements determined for this type of products.

Later, CK Aeronautical equipment became a regular supplier of the Chilean Air Force, manufacturing the Brake Parachutes for the Hawker Hunter, F-5E / F and Mirage airplanes, the latter being manufactured under the license of Aerazur (Company member of the ZODIAC France Group ). Currently, CK Aeronautical Equipment is also a manufacturer of brake parachutes for F-16 aircraft.


CK Aeronautical Equipment is a recognized supplier with the “Cross to Aeronautical Merit of Chile” of the Chilean Air Force. We have been strategic partners of the FACH delivering solutions with a high speed of response and quality. We feel very proud to be able to contribute to the defense of our country and take care of our soldiers in their duty.

Thanks to the quality of our products, we have been able to cross borders to deliver our products in different countries of Latin America and Europe.

This is how CK Aeronautical Equipment has become a leading company in the development of highly complex textile solutions at the South American level and is in a position to develop and produce any product in the military textile sector, since it has the infrastructure, the machinery and the human group necessary to ensure the manufacture of top quality products.


The vertiginous advance of technology in the aeronautical field, pushes us to keep our eyes on the future, that is why we are always in looking to develop new products using materials and machinery of the latest technology that allow us to be up to date with the global context of the manufacturing of textile products.

All this, accompanied by personnel specialization processes, rigorous quality controls and certifications that allow us to generate world class products.


When it comes to securing our troops, you cannot make any mistakes. That is why each process of the production chain is carried with the highest quality standards. We know exactly the origin of each raw material and we hire only suppliers of the highest quality worldwide and thoroughly inspect each material before starting the manufacture of the products. In addition, we have rigorous quality control procedures once the final products are finished. We are certified by the ISO9001: 2015 standard to ensure that these processes are always done in the best way.


We want to take care of our planet and we are aware of the damage that industries can cause, that is why we take action and mitigate the pollution risks that we could generate. We are concerned that the waste we generate, the suppliers we hire and the way the processes are carried out are in line with our objective of minimizing environmental damage. To ensure that this is fully met and to continue improving, we got certified with the ISO14001 standard.


We know that when you need a product there is no time to waste. That is why we are prepared to offer the shortest delivery times in the market. In all our years of experience working with different air forces, we understand that a lack of stock can generate many operational problems.


Arresting system


Safran Aerosystems is the world’s leading supplier of emergency land-based arresting systems for military and commercial aircraft. Its comprehensive range of products is built around friction, rotary hydraulic and textile energy absorbers that are available as part of permanent, semi-permanent and mobile installations. Safran Aerosystems also provides services that incorporate civil engineering, installation, user training as well as logistics and technical support.

We represent SAFRAN´S Arresting Systems installing and maintaining arresting solutions for military aircrafts in Chile.