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Paracaídas de Carga Pesada

Serie G-11B ; G-11C ; G-12-E

The U.S. Army G-11 Cergo Assembly can deliver from 2.270 to 40.000 pounds (989 to 17.420 kg) as low as 500 feet (167meters) AGL (Above Ground Level) The G-11 assembly can be used in clusters using as many as eight parachutes.

The U.S. Army G-12 Cargo Assembly is capable of delivering from 501 to 3.500 pounds (218 to 1.524 kg) as low as 550 feet (167 meters AGL. The G-12 assembly can also be used in clusters for heavier loads.

Pioneer also manufactures G-11 and G-12 components to support the continued use of these cargo assemblies.

Pionner is a leading manufaturer of heavy cargo assemblies. Our capacity meets the needs of our costumers.